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  1. Charlotte

    This was super helpful!! I’m currently trying to go longer in between washes and I’m slowly getting there. I have blonde highlights too but my hair is super curly so it can be a challenge to manage it. Love the idea of wearing hats though, that’s something I’ve never really thought of! x

    – charlotte /

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Charlotte! Glad to hear it 🙂 While it definitely takes time and doesn’t happen overnight, it’s crazy to look back at photos and see what a difference all these “tricks” have made to my hair.

  2. Durgesh

    Thanks for sharing this….most of the person who travels a lot… Whether male or female struggled for their hair.
    That always a major concern for them….how to maintain hair?

    Your article help into this.

    Thanks again

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey there! Glad you found it helpful 🙂 Good tips for both guys and gals!