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  1. Lindsey

    Hi I’m from the USA and with the war going on I’m scared for my family. My husband and I have 8 children and we are trying to find a way to move to iceland to be safe and away from war. We are scared! I need information on how to get ous out of here and we can make a new life in Iceland, a country I have always had an interest in. A country I always said I would love to live in. We want to live a more simple and free life. We want to see our children grow up and have families of their own.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Lindsey, oh my heart goes out to you. I haven’t personally lived in Iceland or moved there — this post was contributed by a guest author, but I imagine there are other resources available! You may want to reach out to the gals in the TBA Travel Tribe on FB and see if anyone has any insight there.