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  1. paras

    which camera did you use in Iceland? and which camera accessories for video and audio. Thanks


    I love your blog and all of the great info. My daughter (12) wants us to do a mother/daughter trip to Iceland. My daughter is an acrobat, very athletic and mature for her age. I saw your post about the van camping in Iceland. Do you think this is something that I could do with my daughter and maybe bring my 65 y/o mom? Or should we just do a guided tour? Not sure how safe Iceland is and would be for three blondes (one being 12) traveling alone.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Kris! That sounds like an AMAZING trip and I would love to take my mom on it. I would say it partly depends on what time of the year you’re thinking about going and what the weather will be like. Are you familiar with driving in icy conditions? (I only ask as being from Southern California, I definitely didn’t grow up with that!)

      I think as long as you map out your course and take your time, you could do a van camping trip with your daughter + mom. However, if you’re concerned—it might be better for peace of mind to go with a guide. It’s truly up to you. In terms of safety, Iceland for me feels VERY safe. I hope that helps! 🙂

      • Kris

        HA HA We live in Texas so no icy roads here. We are thinking more around July/August. With that said….Just in case, can you recommend a reputable tour guide company?

        • The Blonde Abroad

          Hi Kris! Having not used a tour guide company, I can’t make a personal recommendation. But I’d check reviews and comments on something like TripAdvisor to get a better idea about the company and how they operate! 🙂