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  1. Teresa

    I recognize the issue. I noticed I didn’t enjoy a trip as much when I was just thinking about the content I needed to create about the place. Instead of enjoying the experience it became a hunt for the best photo spots and letting the food get cold while I’m trying to get the perfect shot. So, these days I put holidaying ahead of the content. The content will be better anyway if I have an actual idea of where I’ve been.

    Teresa Maria

    • The Blonde Abroad

      I definitely agree, Teresa!

  2. Ioana Stoica

    These are great tips, Kiersten! On my first long-term trip, I planned 65 days of travel the same way I used to plan a 2-week getaway and learned about travel burnout the hard way. I didn’t realize that not leaving room for self-care and rest days would end up being just as stressful as my full-time job. Oops! Now I definitely try really hard to go slower and give myself time. I’ll implement these tips on my next travel leg!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Thanks for sharing, Ioana! You don’t really realize that it can happen until it hits…but man, the worst!