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  1. Tony & Carmen Matthews

    Hi there,

    We are Tony & Carmen Matthews. Our travel is about to be unfolded on our website. That being said, we have sold everything to start our travel journey in December 2014 #AlongTheWay of our passion project and business SuperFly Autos.

    The biggest aim for us was to grow further together as a couple. We found it a shame that we got married but hardly could spend time together thanks to our 9-5s (that didn’t always turn out to be 9-5 and where more like 8 – 9s). Since we are German and French, our families are wide spread in between, Germany, France, England, Sweden, America, Spain and Australia. Our friends are even more dotted around the world and with corporate careers there was just no chance to see them on any amount of frequency.

    Our travel’s have proven to us, that flexibility and working not only as a couple but also on yourself is absolute key in living and working together full time. And yes, every now and then, going your own way is absolutely fine!

    Happy travels together!