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  1. The longest trip we’ve taken together was 5 days. I think we were just so excited to be in Montreal (we had been talking about this trip for a few years) that we didn’t notice we were slowly starting to irritate one another. Nothing huge, but the little things of being with someone 24/7. I realized towards the end how much I was missing that recharge time. Great advice!

  2. Soooooooo very important! (yet hard for people to say!) When me and my boyfriend travel we absolutely have to do this (and even at home!! haha). We always want to respect each other as individuals so we always have a few separate activities to spend a little time by ourselves. A lot of the time, the photoshoots I book while traveling help give us time apart but we will also schedule it in here and there.
    Thanks for saying the hard stuff outloud 😉