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  1. Lee

    Thanks for the article. Are you a resident in Cape Town or a tourist?. I am considering having my teeth done in Cape Town but am worried that the level of care post might not be satisfactory. How long would you need to stay before you are healthy enough to fly back home ?

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Lee! We are residents of Cape Town so it wasn’t an issue for us. My best advice is if this is a major concern for you—I would talk to the dentist or opt for getting it done somewhere closer to home.

  2. Katrien

    I am a bruxer too and hope to have the same treatment your boyfriend did when Covid finally allows us to travel again (I’m a South African overseas). Do you mind sharing how much all the work cost in total, in Rands? Oh and did he only need veneers on the front teeth or the back as well? I looked on Dr. Serfonteins website but he doesn’t mention prices, which is a bit ominous. I just need a ballpark so that I can start saving! 🤣 Thanks.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Katrien! I’d suggest reaching out to him and saying you found him through my blog. Veneers are typically charged per tooth, so it truly varies. Meyer has FULL veneers for both top and bottom (something like 16 teeth). So I can’t give you a ballpark on what it would cost. Some folks have “lumineers” that are like covers for your teeth, which is another option. Talk to him and see what would work best for your situation and your budget!