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  1. Stacy


    I’m planning a solo trip to Thailand and other parts of Asia. I was wondering if it’s safe to tell locals you are alone or should I have excuses ready 🙂

    • Hey! I don’t think you’d ever need or want to disclose that you’re alone. You will meet other travelers around so it doesn’t hurt to make a few friends, and have someone you can check in with occasionally!

  2. diamond

    hi! I will be going to Thailand November 2nd to the 18th, what do you recommend I do for sure, I will be myself and I am kind of nervous, as it is the first time I will have ever been out of the country, I’m nervous I guess about where to go and how, speaking, getting lost. I need help!
    if anyone happens to be going and maybe meet up ?!

    • Here’s some of more my Thailand travel info!

    • Emmanuel

      Nice read here. I am planning on relocating to Thailand in a few months once my employer confirms. But from what I hear from friends who have traveled in Thailand is that it is a friendly country even with the language barrier. They would move mountains just to help you even if it is hard for them to relate sometimes. As for me, I will have to wait but I am excited to live there.