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  1. Audrey Thomas

    Hi! I’m going to London for the first time as a solo traveler which neighborhood is the best to stay in? I read the London guide that has the accommodation recs in it but which would you recommend specifically for a 22 year old that wants to see the sights, but also wants to be able to walk around in the morning to charming local cafes and shops. I’m looking for an area that’s easy to get around London from but is maybe alittle more local than touristy. Thank you for any advice!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Audrey! Are you looking for budget accommodations like staying at a hostel or would you prefer an Airbnb/hotel? That’ll definitely impact where you choose to stay! I would suggest posting in the TBA Travel Tribe on FB and seeing where the ladies there recommend 🙂

  2. Cecilia L.

    Thank you for this! When I first went to London, yes it wasn’t the best weather and it was during the cold winter months (end of November/beginning of December). Gosh, it was raining like cats and dogs! Good to know for the next time and I will definitely try to go in the summer like you said and I love your budgeting tips while in London post. I wish I saw this before I went! Anyway, I’m saving this for my next trip. Thank you again!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Always a reason to go back, right? 🙂 And yes, as long as you know what to expect for weather — going in the winter months can be lovely with holiday cheer…but if you’re wanting warmer days of wandering the streets, my vote is for summer!