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  1. Dick

    I was skeptical (as a Delta million miler+) but flying WOW to Iceland was OK. From reading the travel blogs it seems the problems come when people have missed connections to other destinations. On board service was pretty good (though a little pricey for soda and water) and the regular seats not terrible. You can buy a personal item size duffel from Boarding Blue that fits WOW’s free bag sizer (pack light) and bring snacks on board. I would fly them again. Tip: If you will have multiple bags the added charges may exceed fares on other carriers. Check carefully.

    I noted that WOW flight attendants (female) wore 1960’s style uniforms and heels which is not what you see on domestic US airlines. On board the jackets and heels came off and the flight attendants were actually nice “kids” (as an old guy anyone under 40 is a “kid”) who appreciated the ideas of places to go, things to see while they are on layovers here. Treat them with kindness and respect and they will most likely reciprocate.

  2. Roberto Serrini

    This was a great write up … and hit all the points really … I was the winner of WOW Air’s travel guide contest this year