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  1. Tatiana

    Awesome list but not entirely sure I can agree with #1 lol. I went with two of my best friends last year and just keeping up with the two of them was crazy! Especially when everyone has different bands they’re dying to see.

    I would also like to add that EVERYONE should get a locker because carrying around all your junk is not fun for you OR the people crammed in around you and bring a jacket, you’re in the desert and that ish gets surprisingly cold at night!

    Can’t wait to go again! Next time I’ll absolutely be camping 😉

  2. dylan

    A couple years later and camping is still the way to do it, especially when done right! But a huge tip is to lock your things in your car before you depart for the day. You never know which drunk person might show up, or accidentally crawl in your tent. We bring earplugs for when we sleep. You can use them if you stand next to a speaker, too!