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  1. Lisa

    Started a travel blog recently and it’s so much more work than it looks like on the surface! It’s been a bit overwhelming at times trying to juggle so many things at once. Had to check out this post. Do you use Tailwind as well?

    • I just started using Tailwind and I am LOVING it!

  2. Caresa

    I am looking into building a team for my travel blog but don’t know where to start or who I should hire and for what. What does your team help you do and where can I go to hire people? Btw, amazing post! I loved all the amazing advice.

    • I started by hiring an assistant and she has grown to be my right hand. I had a few interns and then hired a content and social media manager who schedules out social posts. I have a graphic designer, web designer, video production editor and a management team now too. Just start off slow and find people that you trust, you work well with and understand your brand!