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  1. Michael

    Great list! We wish we thought of posting this!

  2. Stephanie Rose Green

    Hi! I am just about to go on my first liveaboard trip (and I am a new diver) so I was hoping I could ask a follow-up question about the wetsuits that you wear. I am kind of confused about the type/material of wetsuits because there seems to be a difference between the surf wetsuits and the scuba wetsuits, am I right?
    Are the ones you wear scuba suits specifically? Can you really tell the difference?
    I couldn’t really tell what your recommendations were because a lot of them were out of stock so there weren’t any descriptions. Anyway, I hate to be “that girl” but damnit, I want a cute suit and all the surf suits are cute and the scuba suits generally aren’t… Any wisdom to share?

    • There is no difference between the weight/material so you should be fine with a surf suit if you find one you like!