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  1. Rim Hajri

    Hey Kiki. You are an inspiration to me. I also dive, and have a new blog about sea and scuba diving. I want to plan Raja Ampat. I am curious, how many dives do you have in your log book? I dived Komdo Islands and the currents were very veryyyy strong. How was Raja Ampat? It would be also nice you mention the month ! This liveaboard you took required 50 dives minimum? Thanks for the additional informations. Stay Safe et Good Bubbles! – Rim

    • There’s no minimum requirement of dives. You can make it clear to the crew director that you’re not comfortable swimming in strong currents and they will advise you on which dives are appropriate. There will be some dives that you’ll skip. But you definitely don’t need a minimum of dives, just have your certification!

  2. Rebecca Barat

    I’m in awe of the pictures and this experience. You are incredibly brave to swim amongst those sea snakes. I would love to be able to have this experience but unfortunately have a crippling and intense fear of snakes (land and sea). I was wondering, if I’m not able to overcome my fear of snakes will I just have to write this experience off? I just don’t know that I could remain calm if I came in contact with one underwater. I would be calm with all other sea creatures, it’s just the snakes. Any advice? Are there dive sites where they are rare and I wouldn’t run in to them? Thank you for inspiring!

    • Hey babe! Your best bet would be to contact one of the dive centres and they can give you advice. With so many dive sites, it’s better if someone who dives them regularly answers your question. I don’t want to give you outdated or incorrect information.