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  1. lauren

    Nice place. It truly looks like one of the absolute best places on the planet to scuba.

  2. crystal

    you are my inspiration….!!!!❤️
    i am going to do my open water cert. sometime next month
    and get a few dives under my belt then do a liveabaord in Thailand…
    you are so lucky and blessed to get to travel all the time and actually live life and actually see the world…I love that you dont live by the societal “norms”..i’ve always felt like that too…people go to college, work ..which those to things are fine lol but getting married buying a house having children…those things have just never resonated with me…but finding your blog makes me excited for my future adventures…you are wonderful ?im Crystal by the way ?

    • Aw thank you for sharing! Good luck to you <3