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  1. I’m on hostelbookers mailing list, and just checked their travel blogger awards post and i’ve been quickly going through the list, looking for some awesome bloggers. Made my way to yours, saw this video, and got inspired!

    Don’t you just hate those super long flights (24hrs or more), or the brutal long haul, bus rides (19hrs or more), and at the end of those trips, you now resemble a zombie, clothes all tattered and dirty, you’re missing flesh around the face, a few front teeth and even an eye ball, perhaps. Well folks, to get that rested look, I’d like to share with you my one and only travel make up tip that’ll you’ll ever need:
    step 1 – take a big, as wide as you can bite on the passenger directly next to you. within seconds, this person will turn into a zombie and begin infecting the next person. the process will continue to repeat itself, until all passengers are now zombies. screw, looking rested. be a zombie.


  2. Hi Lovely, where can I buy the HD makeup forever make up ? I want to try it. 🙂