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  1. Gary Francis

    Train travel in Italy is excellent. Yes, the regional trains can be busy (and maybe uncared-for), but it’s so much better to spend a few hours on a fast train and arrive relaxed in the centre of town than to do double the time on a motorway fighting with trucks.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      I agree! I think it’s also a really neat way to see the country and typically much easier than renting a car and navigating yourself.

  2. Ann

    Hello Kiki!

    This article is soo great! First one I have seen with a plan for which cities to stop by via train along with the train times so thank you for that!

    I have never traveled to Europe so I was looking to get some advice on how to map out the days in eat city per the schedule you mentioned above. Also where would you recommend staying in each city?

    Thank you!!