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  1. Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

    I wish I explored Brisbane more when I studied abroad in Queensland. When I went in it a few times it seemed like a cool city with it’s own charm. Hope to get back one day!

  2. Nameesh

    I always like to refer Brissie (as the locals call it) as the underdog of a city. Most visitors to Australia visit Sydney and Melbourne or bypass Brissie on their way to the Gold Coast. Brissie is a gem of a city. Here’s what I wrote about it after my numerous business trips there – lol – NOM

    in Australia, Brisbane is what i like the most..
    its Serpentine river is one thing sure to boast..
    an artificial-in-house beach makes for a perfect toast..
    it’s also the gateway to the Gold Coast..
    most girls here dress up as if they are Lady GaGa’s ghost..
    but they are surely pretty,from pillar to post..
    beware of the heat, for it can easily roast..
    Brissie surely notches the topspot..the topspot..!!