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  1. Marina


    Thanks for sharing!
    I’m going to Australia for a month beginning of November and I was wondering if you think it’s an absolute necessity to reserve everything in advance. So far I only have my plane tickets and I wanted to book my accommodation as well but then be more spontaneous for excursions. Do you think that’s doable or there’s a big chance everything will be fully booked already ? I’m travelling by myself.
    I’m planning to do a cruise in the Whitsundays Islands, as well as a tour in the Red Center (3-4 days) and some day trips to the barrier reef (diving) or from cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns).

    Thanks a lot for your input!

    • Gah it’s SO hard to say right now with COVID. Travel has become a bit unpredictable and doesn’t follow the “typical” pre-pandemic norms. That said, I think you’re safe in waiting to book accommodation closer to your dates (although it is going into their summer, so be sure to account for increased prices and be sure to check for events and what not happening at that time that could affect your trip).