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  1. Steve

    Hey Kiersten!

    Love your blog!

    I’m in a bit of a conundrum. I’m visiting Belize in April and as much as I want to check out the Great Blue Hole, it may not be a feasible option due to price and logistics since I’m traveling with a 2 yr old.

    Do you have any recommendations for inexpensive (wishful thinking) air tours? Paying $400-500/pp is a little steep for me and of course I’m sure it’s worth every penny.

    Or any other recommendations for checking it out?



    • I only know the aerial flight with Tropic Air I took so you’d have to research other options! It’s definitely amazing, however, it’s VERY weather dependent. I do think it’s very cool to see it. If you’re with a 2-year-old, the flight is probably more exciting as I’m not sure it’s worth actually visiting. It’s a pretty far boat ride and there’s not a ton to see AT the actual Blue Hole. Assuming they can’t snorkel, it might be a bit uneventful.

  2. Jennifer Abbey

    Hi Kiersten!

    I am visiting Belize at the end of the month. Sadly, I am not scuba certified but would still love to see the Blue Hole. Is there a point to going without certification? Will I see anything if I just snorkel?

    Thank you for all your great info!!


    • Hey babe! I think it’s a destination that will offer more to divers than snorkelers. That being said, it doesn’t mean you won’t see anything, but you’ll definitely have a more ‘wow’ experience if you dive.