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  1. Monica


    I’ll be staying at Mahali Mzuri in February, flying Wilson to Olare with Safarilink. This will be my first time flying on such a small plane. What was your experience like?


    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Monica! The small plane flights are over and done with so quickly! I did that same flight when I stayed at Mahali Mzuri. It will be louder and more turbulent than your average plane ride, because it is smaller. If you’re a nervous flyer, I would recommend sitting by a window to see out. But really it’s so quick!

      Depending on the weather, it can be very hot as it’s not a pressurized sealed cabin, the same way a commercial plane would be, so you may want a personal fan. From my experience, they usually provide a snack and a water bottle (but I’m not sure if that’s changed during Covid).

      When you land on bush runways, you may see all kinds of wildlife…which is pretty darn cool! So if you can sit by a window and look out the whole time, I would highly recommend doing this.