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  1. I just read Gareth’s post on this so decided to come over here and check out yours. Love the photos! This place is awesome! They should film some strange scifi movies here. The salt flats are strangely beautiful – and then I see the two of you eating pizza like you are a world away. Very interesting place and one that I’ve never heard about until I read both of your posts.

    This is what makes travel so intriguing – not only the encounters we have but seeing places like this that look like you are on another planet.

  2. Effie Smith

    I LOVE these posts on Bolivia. When I graduate college I’m planning on going to Peru and Bolivia and I was wondering if you could tell me which Tupiza Tour you did and roughly how much it cost in USD? I went to their website after reading this and it’s a little hard to navigate. Any help would be appreciated! 🙂

    • Hi there! Ahh Bolivia is still one of my favorite countries! I did this about 4 years ago so unfortunately I don’t remember the cost (and its probably changed since then haha). I would try to find a contact email and see if you can clarify! Safe travels! xx