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  1. MsRight

    Great post, but there is a direct night bus from Sucre to Uyuni, I was there 2 weeks ago. Also, no need to book in advance, the bus arrives to Uyuni at 5am, the tours depart at 10am, this is plenty of time to go the principal street and shop for a tour. It would be great if you can update your blog post with this information to help fellow travellers.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      So good to know! I was in Bolivia back in March of 2012 and ended up having to start in Tupiza, not Uyuni. Which actually turned out amazing! So I think you still need to stop in Potosi to get to Tupiza if you want to start there. I would still recommend booking in advance. The only reason is we had arrived at 4-5am in Tupiza and Tupiza Tours was booked full for the day. Luckily we had a one day cushion and were able to stay the night and take the tour the next day. But that DEFINITELY could have ruined someone’s plans!

      Thanks for the update! I’ll make a note in the post that you can get directly to Uyuni though!