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  1. Lauren

    I just happened to come across your blog! I was looking up Jasmine Valley lodge on as I had stayed there back in early 2011 and it was a stunning place! But saddened to see that it is now closed!! That really sadden me! I loved the charm of driving up the dirt road and how my taxi driver was very lost and confused on how to get there but once we got up there, it was absolutely paradise! I remember the lobby area felt like we were in a tree house, it was just so freeing and so relaxing ! I had great memories of my few days stay there.

    I also read that your friend met a guy who traveled from Spain on motorbike across the world! If he is the same person that I’m thinking of… I met a guy who traveled from Spain across the world by motor bike…. J met him while staying in Bangkok at a hostel called Lub D in Silom… If that is the same guy, I could probably locate his info for you, as I hung out with him and this girl from UK together…. Anyhow, lovely blog! Thank you for the trip down memory lane! So sad to hear that Jasmine Valley lodge is no longer but was amazing when it was.


    • That’s so cool! Do you know if he has a blog?