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  1. California in the fall during Halloween sounds sooo much better to me than in the summer. Thanks for this post!

  2. Anja

    My favorite month is April! It’s warm, sunny beach weather without being uncomfortably hot. It’s fabulous weather before we go back into the gloomy, cool weather. May and June is June gloom, cloudy, cool days. It doesn’t warm up until mid July. It’s hot from mid July through to October.

    The best Halloween location is WeHo (West Hollywood). The streets close to cars and the gay men walk around in their best drag Halloween costumes. It’s great. It’s a big party.

    Late July to early August is the US Open Surfing, BMX and Skating competition at the Huntington Beach Pier. It’s free admission. They build a huge bowl for the skateboard and BMX competition. It’s free to watch all of the competitions. It’s really fun!

    The Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival and Pagent of the Masters happens during the summer. I’ve met people on flights when I was flying home from Europe and they were coming to SoCal to attend the Sawdust Festival.

    Whale watching season varies which whales migrate when. You can leave from Corona Del Mar in OC or Long Beach. The last time I went we saw a super pod of dolphins that has 5,000 dolphins. It was fantastic!

    Catalina Island off the coast is a wonderful place to escape to. The spring and fall is the best time to go because it’s less people then. Catalina is really beautiful. Hotels and condos book up during the summer months.

    Thanks for the wonderful post to remind me I live in a fantastic place. I do tend to take it for granted because I live here. I forget how pretty it is and grumble about the hot weather. So, thank you for the reminder that I should feel more gratitude about living here.

    • Thanks for all your tips! I agree, and I do take it for granted too sometimes, but such an amazing place to come home to!