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  1. Petite

    Is the Gyza piramid quite the sight I imagine it to be? I have to admit I was left a bit disappointed with the Stonehenge and I have a tingling sensation this might be similiar. You word would override that surely, though!

    I may just pick Kenya based on what you have written, though.

    • I think I would choose Kenya over Egypt as well especially if it’s your first time in Africa 🙂

  2. Self Traveler

    All those lists are amazing and accurate as well. I can also suggest going to Madagascar, the big island next to Africa (not the movie :p ). Life there is very cheap and you can easily find accommodation. In terms of nature, it is very rich so If you are interested in ecotourism, for instance, that’s the best place to go.
    However, the only inconvenience is the flight, it is a bit expensive especially the internal flight that costs an arm and a leg.