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  1. Raemi Walker

    I’m looking to visit Spain in the summer to see a friend. We also want to visit other countries. I’m wondering if it would be better cost wise to do a round trip ticket to an airport in Spain or a multi-stop ticket- ex. Fly into Spain and fly out of France. Do you have a suggestion for this?

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Raemi! It honestly depends on the airline — sometimes this can work REALLY well and other times flying out of the same place is cheapest. I would suggest opening your browser in the “Incognito/Private” mode (to ditch the cookies momentarily!) and try several different options. Definitely look into airlines like RyanAir and Easyjet for budget ones – note that they do upcharge for baggage, but if you book ahead of time you can usually find some fantastic deals (ex. Paris to Rome for around 30 Euros – RT!). Also weigh in that if you were to fly out of Spain you’ll have to get back to Spain somehow…whether than means through a flight, driving, or train, to keep that cost in mind even though the initial fare might seem slightly cheaper. I hope that helps + happy travels!