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  1. Alicia

    I really like your blog and I‘m getting so many ideas for my travels.
    I‘m going on my first solo trip for about 4 weeks. Do you think California is good to travel alone?
    I‘ve been already backpacking trough South East Asia and south america so USA is actually next on my list.
    Thanks already in advance?

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Alicia! California is a great place to travel alone – just be aware that public transportation is so-so. While there are trains that will take you up and down the coast and buses, a majority of folks drive. You will likely have a better experience (and time getting around) if you’re able to rent a car.

  2. Kristi Gernaga

    Love your blog & all of the travel tips. Since NYC for my daughter’s bday trip did not happen (and Greece likely won’t for me in Oct), we are planning to hopefully do a PCH trip in July or August. In your opinion, is LA to San Fran along the PCH as enjoyable as San Fran to LA? My daughter is set on seeing LA first. We are tentatively planning a Thursday AM to a Monday evening coming from FLL. Just trying to figure out the logistics, and make sure things are opened back up by then. Thanks so much!!!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Kristi! One thing to consider is the comfortability of driving in San Francisco with all the hills and parking. You might want to end the trip there to turn in your car and then spend the rest of your time there exploring by foot and public transportation. However, San Francisco to LA – you won’t have to turn across traffic to access the beaches going southbound, so that is something to consider! Also, be mindful of traffic on weekdays, especially in Los Angeles. I hope that helps a bit!