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  1. Ian Robinson

    Hi Blonde Abroad
    Great post. I and my wife often go there and we love Nice. We’re from the UK and we’re well travelled. We have two apartments in Vieux Nice.
    There’s a fresh (uncooked) and cooked seafood platter minutes away at Torinino’s fabulous seafood restaurant close to Garibaldi in Vieux Nice. We love to people watch there eating lunch as Place Garibaldi is packed with people making their way into the narrow streets, or alleys should I call them, in the Old Town/Vieux Nice.
    You can wander to Le Port (it’s a five-minute walk) and see the superyachts and megayachts anchored at Port Lympia, with Quai Lunel running past Pointe de Rauba-Capéu to the sea.
    We have competitive rates for the two, one-bed apartments, beautifully and tastefully decorated. The two apartments/flats have separate doors to each and we let them out individually or as a two bedroom unit. We are able to do this as they are each self-contained. The one was purchased about in 2008 and the other was in 2013. You and others are welcome to see our site

    There are many more appetizing and delectable pics there as well and you can see the inside of the apartments. We regularly stay there and let them out as well.
    Cheers, Ian Robinson

  2. Sydney Maxwell

    Been following your blog and Insta for months now and all I ever want to say is ‘YASSSSS girl SLAYYYY’. At 3am lat night booked flights to Nice for next week and am beyond excited. Would love any recommendations for restaurants and fashion in July (can’t beat the heat).

    You go girl