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  1. ellie

    Hi Kierstan,
    Love your blog. I have travelled by myself before but I always felt like everyone was thinking ‘why is she alone?’ I have the courage to go then when I arrive, I feel sad that I’m alone. I’m super adventurous and have travelled with friends to quite a few countries. but i can’t keep waiting for others to see the world!
    I think you convinced me to see Holbox. It’s beautiful, small and not overwheling with lots of tourists. I need a place to unwind. Cozumel seemed to touristy for me.
    Always welcome any wisdom from a seasoned solo traveller. Thank you! Ellie

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Ellie! I truly love Isla Holbox and it’s such a lovely place to visit. And I understand — I’m quite used to it now and it’s been such a wonderful way for me to grow so I don’t really mind being alone.

      Happy travels!