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  1. Liz

    Just thought I’d mention that Steamboat Springs’ Winter Carnival is coming up in a couple of weekends. You can find more info here. Can’t wait to see you up there!

  2. Anis

    Hey Kiersten,

    just stumbled upon your web page today, and I’m already planning the next 3 years of my life! I’ve never really travelled before (I come from extremely boring family, lol), and now I’m starting to be able to afford trips and have a truly chronic case of wanderlust. All I do on the internet is look up about destinations and research on them!

    I have questions to you regarding Ski Week (there are less reference for this than the Yacht Week, obviously):

    1) For a girl from the tropic (Indonesia) who has never ever skied, let alone touch snow. Do you think, the Ski Week experience would be a good start, or would it be too overwhelming, considering that should I decide to go, I would also be going solo?

    2) What are your suggestions for ski gears/equipments that I would have to provide by myself (not available on the site)?

    3) I see that at this point, all 2017 destinations are sold out. I’m planning to go to Obertauern Ski Week in 2019, do you know when the ticket sale for each year starts?

    Sorry for the amount of questions! I hope this could help the others too! Cheers from Indonesia!

    • Hi Anis! The Ski Week is for all levels and they do offer instructions (plus you don’t HAVE to ski). It’s very social and you’ll share a room with other people so traveling solo isn’t an issue. You’d want to bring all your own ski clothing but you can rent gear once you’re there, and have the option to order to rent in advance. Not sure when tickets go on sale, so check out their website 🙂