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  1. Rishikesh Aroor

    Hey kiki, I am hyped after reading your post. I am Rishikesh from India, A travel enthusiast who appreciates others like him. Needless to say your beauty and charm combined with your passion for travel drove me towards your blog.

  2. Sarah

    Hey Kiki,

    I just started following your posts and I particularly love your “what to wear” and “what to pack in a carry on” posts for numerous different countries and regions. I travel a lot for work so it is always interesting to see what other people’s favorite travel go-to items are.

    With all that said, I am shocked that you listed “Iran” as a place you’d recommend for your followers to travel (in the portion regarding traveling with a visa). As the number one state sponsor of terrorism, a country listed as “Do Not Travel” by the United States Government (see State Department Website: and a regime that frequently threatens “Death to America” and detains American citizens I am shocked you would recommend this country to your following.

    Out of curiosity – have you traveled to Iran? If so, I would be interested to hear your thoughts. I have a few friends with family in the region who have traveled to visit relatives, but I am not sure pushing this country as a tourist destination is a wise decision.


    • Hey babe! It’s just a list of countries that require Americans to apply for a visa beforehand. I haven’t been to Iran yet, but I’d love to visit and I’ve met some wonderful Iranians during my travels! The architecture and landscapes look incredible and otherworldly.

      I know of Americans that have traveled there as well as quite a few that do want to go despite the political drama. People travel for different reasons and some might be more intrigued to visit a country because of the current situation so that they can form their own opinions.

      I also believe that the opinions of a government aren’t the opinions of an entire country. We have a president that has some pretty crazy out there ideas, but not all Americans stand behind his beliefs.