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  1. Line

    Hi Maia,
    You can “save” your visa rights for a 2nd working holiday visa for another time. Say you do your 3 months of specified work during your 1st year and return home, stay for 2 years at home and then decide that you would like to go to Australia again – then you apply for your 2nd WHV and add all documents that show that you’ve worked (payslips, contracts & agreements, bank statements etc). So yes, you can do a second holiday visa non-consecutively!

  2. Line

    Hi Kiki,
    Just letting you know that the following, which you are writing is inaccurate. I might be misunderstanding, what you are writing though. In any case, I thought I’d just give you a heads up 🙂
    You write: “If you received your visa on the first of February, you have until the first of February the following year to come and go.”
    – It is correct, that you can “come” until February the following year. But, your actual 1 year of visa does NOT start until you enter the country. So if you receive your visa on the first of February 2022, you can arrive in Australia latest February 2023. Say you arrive January 2023 (but got your visa granted 11 months earlier) then your visa will last you until January 2024.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Line, thanks for clarifying! I put together this guide to give folks a glimpse into what it would be like to get a working holiday visa, but would HIGHLY recommend they do further research and read up on the AUS government website – just in case I missed anything! 🙂