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  1. Lauren

    Complimenti per il blog! Ci sono articoli davvero utili e di ispirazione:)

    • The Blonde Abroad


  2. Clair Michna

    I’m intrigued by needing cloud cover for the northern lights to bounce off, as I’ve never heard that?
    Also can I recommend to others that if they do have a good display to consider filming or knocking the exposure time right down, I’ve always followed the rules when hunting and one night saw the brightest display ever. I was so stuck to the rules not realising that I there was opportunity for a video or crisper photos. Even 4 seconds was too long that night. I absolutely love Iceland and try to go every year so I’m always learning 🙂

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Clair! Ooops, looks like the article is in need of some updating. I don’t think cloud cover is actually necessary and depending on where you’re trying to view the lights it can actually obstruct your view. Thanks for catching that 😉

      Great tip, too! Again, it really depends on where you’re viewing from and how bright the aurora is!