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  1. Tamara

    Have you ever felt threatened because of your looks? It may sound silly but i’m a tall blonde about to travel solo and I’m a bit afraid that my looks can make me a “target” for harassment or things like that. Your blog has inspired me to take the leap but i’m still quite scared actually. I’ll be going solo to europe for 2 months and then to australia with a working holiday visa. Then I plan to do Asia. Any comments? Thanks!

    • Hey Tamara! Luckily, there are few places I’ve felt that my blonde really stands out. Latin America (sometimes) and mainland Asia. So stoked to hear you’re traveling solo! I assure you, the nerves will ease once you arrive 🙂

      In Europe, I’ve always found that locals speak to me like a local until they know any different. I feel there are more tall blondes in Europe than in the US! And especially in Australia. The only place you may feel you stand out is Asia, but I assure you it won’t feel like you’re a target. More of a specimen. lol! I just got back from China and can’t count how many people asked for a photo with me. It’s very sweet and endearing and not at all threatening!

      You’ve picked some great regions to get your feet wet! Don’t you worry!

  2. Tamara

    It’s so nice to read that! I’m from Chile so since I was a child I was looked upon and all the street whisleing and things. Also my mom is super overprotective of me so now that i’m 25 , I’ve worked for two years and saved money, I’m ready for a year of traveling! I’ve always been afraid to harassment, and it’s great to have the inspiration to defy that fear and feel safe inside.

    Thank you

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Rock on girl! You got this