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  1. Kimberly Overfield

    I have a question…in the list of ingredients there is no mention of garlic but in the instructions there is. How much do you use?

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Kimberly! Looks like garlic must have missed the ingredient list. I would say usually 2-3 cloves is pretty typical, or dependent on how garlicky you want the dish!

  2. Adam

    That looks amazing, how long do you cook the rice for ? And do you get a crust at the bottom. Also, if I want to add chorizo should I go easy on the paprika ?

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Adam! I would recommend sending an email to Shalyn of Sightseeing Senorita — as she is the one who contributed this post!

      I would imagine that if you’re adding in chorizo, you definitely could go easier on the paprika — but it’s all dependent on your personal taste and preferences. Rice is one of those dishes where it depends on what type you’re using and how much, so you’ll want to go slowly in adding in the broth. But definitely shoot Shalyn a message and see!