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  1. Kayla Baldwin

    I love your itinerary, my husband and I are planning a trip in April and we are going to be bookmarking this page for sure. On another note, where is your swimsuit from?! – the one you are wearing in the blue lagoons? I LOVE it.

    Thanks for sharing your trip!

    • Hey babe! It’s from Wildfox, but it’s from 5 years ago and unfortunately, they don’t make it anymore.

  2. ash

    I love this itinerary – thank you for sharing! it is so helpful as i am trying to put together a trip for myself and my other half.

    could i ask what your approx cost for the whole trip was? to give me an idea on what i need to save for?

    Thanks again 🙂

    • Hey babe! I honestly don’t remember, but I think if you research the average cost of petrol and calculate the mileage and get recent car rental costs, it will give you a good baseline.