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  1. Amber

    Hey there! Love your blog!

    Finally traveling to South Africa in 9 days! Capetown, Wine Country, Hermanus and then safari and Victoria Falls. I checked out your packing lists, but what’s the weather like now?

    Any updates to packing lists for April?

    Thank you!!!

    • Hey babe! You just need to pack for layers! The weather is a bit temperamental as the country is going into winter.

  2. Alkisha Ray Davis

    Hi! Love your post and these are great recommendations. We are looking to vacation there next year and this itinerary helps. I was referred to a luxury travel boutique agency and the budget is about $800 pp per day and was trying to see if I could plan my own itinerary and details cheaper.

    A few questions…

    1. How did you get around each location? Capetown, safari and Winelands
    2. On safari did you plan hotel and game drive all through resort?
    3. Do you mind sharing for this itinerary (option 1) how much on average would you have to budget for?
    4. Did you need a travel agent?

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Alkisha!

      1. UBER around Cape Town and Winelands is super affordable, safe and reliable. To get out to the game reserve—it depends on which one, but minimum 4-5 hour drive so you’ll want to self drive or hire a private driver I think!
      2. If you’re referring to Gondwana, it’s a hotel and game reserve. So the daily game drives are included in the stay + there are different levels of accommodation. However, you can’t go on safari there if you aren’t staying.
      3. I’m not sure we can estimate the budget for this as it’s so dependent on what transportation you choose, where you eat, how long you stay, etc. That said, South Africa is quite affordable compared to US prices!
      4. I did not get a travel agent.