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  1. Diana

    Cazzy, do you have any other suggestions for packing infusion sets, sensors, other CGM supplies, meter(s), strips, etc?

    I have overpacked clothing, but do not want to under-pack diabetes stuff!


    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Diana! I’ve sent Cazzy an email regarding your question. You might want to send her a message through her website, just in case!

    • Hi Diana!

      You can bring an extra bag for supplies (on about 99% of airlines!), so you can use that to keep all your diabetes supplies together, without loosing out on space for clothing! I usually pack all my diabetes supplies in large food bags (sounds strange), but it keeps it all together. Also, remove any packaging that doesn’t need to be there as that will bulk everything out! But I always bring double of what I need and split the supplies between my hand luggage and checked luggage (or two handluggage bags if I don’t have checked luggage) in case something is damaged or stolen!

      Cazzy 🙂

      • The Blonde Abroad

        Thank you for this, Cazzy! <3

      • Diana L Stuber

        Thanks. That’s what I do in the US when I fly – just wanted to be sure!

        Thanks again for taking the time to reply!!

        • The Blonde Abroad

          Thanks, Cazzy!!