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  1. Amazing list Kiki! I actually have a few of those countries in my own bucket list as well. After reading yours, I’m afraid I’ll have to copy a few of the ones in your list like Mozambique and Namibia! I never knew those countries would make a dream travel destination. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. Celine

    Kenya is amazing! I don’t know you went on a gorilla trek and not posted it yet but it’s a MUST SEE destination.

    Seeing the mountain gorillas mucking about in their habitat very awesome to experience! I went on a gorilla trek for ten days about two years ago and it’s one of my favourite memories!

    Side note: did you know that mountain gorillas are critically endangered? When tourists visit, they help fund to keep the gorillas safer. If you’re interested to see what endangers them, check this link –>

    But anyways, love your blog! You have such GORGEOUS photos! Mine never turn out that great! *sad*

    Keep up your awesome posts and photos!

    Warmest Regards