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  1. Amandine

    1. Don’t be shy to in restaurant and yell to get the attention of the waiter; seriously, that is sometimes the only way to get their attention.
    2. “Fuwuyuan” would do the trick
    In restaurant again: tips are not mandatory, actually I’ve never seen anyone giving a tip even in Shanghai.
    3. Take your passport everywhere with you and if you are staying at a friends place, make sure to go register to the closest police station that is important.
    4. Buy a transportation and add some money on it. You’ll save time on buying tickets. All the machine have English option so that is pretty easy to do.
    5. Try foot massage and blind massage, they are great. If the place looks too shady then it probably is shady 😉

    I live in China for so long that this little tips feels like something natural to me but hopefully it will be helpful for some of your reader and you if you ever come back to China.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Amandine, thank you so much for these tips. Very helpful!

  2. Bhavya

    Hey, these are great tips can’t think of anything more to add!! great post thanks for sharing.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Bhavya! Glad to share 🙂