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  1. Jen

    I husband and I stayed in the Austrian sweet when we got married. I have amazing memories of my girls getting their hair and make up dead, of a couple awkward guy friend stopping in to share in the fantastic spread a particularly dear friend laid out for us that day, and of my mom hanging out on the couch, taking it all in. And I remember sitting in the middle of the living room in my underwear in the middle of the night after my new husband fell asleep, eating the leftover mac & cheese wedding caterer sent with us after the reception. Thank you so much for posting these pics!

    • Aww what awesome memories! I can imagine the Austrian Suite would have been perfect for a wedding suite. xx

  2. It’s so pretty!!!! Its like Barbie’s own hotel (sorry I collect them). This made me think of her. I love it. Its all so amazing. Happy 4th Birthday!!!! The booths and rooms are amazing.