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  1. Charlie

    I’m sorry – I’m a big fan of yours, but these baby product posts feel so insincere. I honestly don’t see how you can ‘recommend’ baby products that you have never used. It just feels like a massive grab with affiliate links. I would really welcome your opinion on products if I had any faith that you had tried and tested them. You’ve just listed a roundup of well known (and very expensive) baby products and don’t even appear to have done much research behind them. Examples: 1) You’ll probably find an equal number of babies hate the MamaRoo as love it and you have to be careful as they are unsafe for sleep… 2) The Baby Brezza has known issues with incorrectly measuring powder that, if parents aren’t aware of, can pose a serious health risk with babies not getting enough formula. I really wish you had saved these posts for after you had time to use and review. Disappointing 🙁

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Charlie!

      I appreciate your input. These are things on my own baby registry and I’m investing in buying them before trying them. I thoroughly researched every single item and put this list together as a resource. It’s every individual’s responsibility to do the same for their child regardless of who recommends it. It serves as a resource, not a guidebook. Even if I used them first, some moms and babies will not like every single item.

      A lot of these items, like the Baby Brezza and Mamaroo, I’ve received as hand-me-downs and do in fact have them and have used them—just not with my own child yet (my experience is when babysitting for friend’s kids). I have countless friends who swear by both. I assure you these aren’t blind recommendations. Again, every single baby item is hit or miss whether it’s a bottle or pacifier. You really don’t know what they will like until they’re here and I’m planning to be prepared.

  2. Jessica

    Great picks! I have a five month old and the owlet is the only reason that we’ve had the peace of mind to sleep the last few months! The mamaRoo has been a favorite too 😉

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Jessica! Glad to hear it! I’m looking forward to using it on our little one 🙂