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  1. Bull can die. Event is fun to watch so fun is more important.

  2. Misako

    ” it’s better to talk and share about these kinds of cultural practices, though they might be different from our own, rather than gloss over them. I look back on the festival now that I’m older, and while I’m glad that I got to experience it, I wouldn’t go again. However, I think this is the best way to open up a dialogue about the world around us and in turn, promote positive growth. ” Kiersten Rich, The Blonde Abroad.

    Thank you for this statement, therefore, let’s “open up the dialogue” as Kiki suggests and make people aware that at the end of the ‘Running of the Bulls’ these animals are brought into a bullring where they are repeatedly stabbed, harpooned, drugged, and in the end, have their ears cut off – while still conscious- to show to gruesomely display to the horrified crowd – most of which are tourists.

    The banderilleros dart around the terrified, bleeding animals while plunging banderillas—brightly colored sticks with a harpoon point on one end—into their already-injured backs. The wounded animals are forced to run in circles, until they stop because they’re too dizzy, disoriented, and weakened from blood loss to continue.

    Now let’s continue the dialogue and discuss “tradition”. Is this really “tradition?” Large corporate entities feed their corporate greed as these events are hugely profitable. The problem is that most tourists are not aware of the torture that these animals endure, and naively attend these festivals without understanding the horrific and gruesome deaths that these animals will succumb to – all in the name of “cultural entertainment”

    Moreover, more than 100 Spanish towns and cities have banned bullfighting, and a 2016 poll found that 81% of Spaniards ages 16 to 65 oppose it. That figure rises to 93% among 16- to 24-year-olds.

    I think it’s important that as global citizens we have accountability for our actions and understand the consequence of our actions; One of the reasons many of us travel is for cultural immersion as a means of better understanding the world. With that understanding, comes more informed, responsible, educated decisions on how we travel, spend our money, and its long-term effects on those beings around us.

    Don’t allow our naivety as tourists to be exploited for corporate profit at the expense of the vulnerable beings around us, namely the bulls. Don’t attend this barbaric festival.

    I hope my comments are actually posted on this website and not deleted as spam or because they are too controversial. That is not how it was intended. If my comments are deleted, this just just another touristy website, with no depth, and lack of global consciousness.