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  1. Gloria Caldwell

    We are an international team with huge traveling experience and we are driven with passion to explore, invent and help other travelers to feel more comfortable about their upcoming trips.

  2. Joyce

    Dear Kiki,

    This is in reference to your blog post on Christmas in New York on a budget.

    I was wondering what are the options available for a couple of girls on a budget to live in New York? Hostels and Airbnb are still a little too expensive for us…

    Thank you, and I really enjoyed reading your blog post!


    • To live or to visit? To visit I would keep looking through Airbnb or VRBO and just change your settings to match your budget. You can also do a search for budget hotels. If you’re looking for a place to live, that will be very different and something I don’t have expertise in. Good luck!